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A vision connected to Folkestone

The Harbour Plan will ensure the area remains visually and emotionally connected to Folkestone’s architecture and heritage. The design seeks to preserve views to and from important landmarks in the harbour and the town.
Vision connected.png

The Harbour Plan seeks to reconnect the harbour with Folkestone, and although new, it has been designed to be an integral part of the town.


The various areas in the plan, and their offering of new places to eat, drink and live, sit well within the harbour. The design preserves and celebrates some of the more iconic views across the harbour, to the lighthouse, to the Martello tower and the Bayle.

The Harbour Plan retains more of the existing structures than either the original outline or the revised planning permissions. The original Farrell masterplan sought to demolish the railway station and the amendment demolished the Harbour Master’s House. Both are being retained and will remain at the heart of the new future of the harbour.

A visualisation of how Harbour Master's House would look at the heart of the development.
A visualisation of residents and visitors enjoying the station at Christmas time.
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