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Sustainability & biodiversity

In response to the climate emergency and need to move towards net zero, the Harbour Plan challenges the ‘business-as-usual’ approach to design and development, and is working towards a low-carbon, sustainable future.

The team, including our sustainability specialists, worked hard to ensure issues of water management, pollution, biodiversity and waste are at the heart of the harbour’s future, alongside community, health and wellbeing.


Ambitious targets were set for embodied carbon and operational energy, prioritising low-carbon materials, reducing building quantities, and minimising waste.


The buildings will use low-carbon electricity – including from onsite photovoltaic panels – and triple glazing. They will feature highly efficient heating, cooling and lighting plus mechanical ventilation with heat recovery to provide fresh filtered air while retaining energy used.

Grey water recycling and the use of water-efficient fittings will greatly reduce the development’s water use.


The proposal promotes sustainable transport by including a bike hub and delivery consolidation centre, to minimise vehicle traffic.


The shape of the buildings, the widths and orientation have been designed to maximise sunlight penetration. The landscaping strategy will enhance ecology and biodiversity across the plots, and the distinct character areas will allow residents and the public to feel connected to the site and to Folkestone.

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