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The planning history

The Harbour Plan is the most easterly part of the overall masterplan, which was granted outline permission by the council in 2015 for between 720 and 1,000 new homes, and 10,000m2 of new commercial space for businesses. 
Planning history.png

The outline planning permission granted by the council in 2015 approved elements such as the location, maximum heights and widths of buildings, the uses of these spaces, and the amount of each use. For example, residential housing and the amount of commercial space (retail shops, leisure, offices etc). 

A subsequent planning application is scheduled for this autumn, seeking permission for the streetscape, design of the buildings, their colour and how the space operates as a place to live, work, play and visit. It will provide additional detail including layout, access, the appearance of buildings, outdoor space, landscaping, outdoor play space, and cycle and car parking for residents and visitors. 

This public consultation follows that undertaken in May 2023 for the harbour plots (known as Plots F, G and H). Consultation has also occurred with local groups, traders, and organisations. This is alongside thorough consultation with the council, Kent County Council’s highways department, Historic England, and the Environment Agency.


Supporting studies will form part of the planning submission. These will include elements that relate to architecture, town planning, landscaping, transport, flood risk, sustainability, biodiversity, heritage, microclimate assessments. This is not an exhaustive list, but some of the key inputs that inform the design of the harbour.

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