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The Harbour Plan provides a range of open spaces with character that recognise the site’s location and history. It offers greater public space, whilst maintaining the links to the Harbour Arm and heritage buildings.

On the northern edge, the public areas looking back towards the town will be sympathetic to the harbour’s post-industrial character. A terraced amphitheatre will create a strong relationship with the water.


The public areas of the eastern-facing edge will be more wild and natural in character with expansive views out to sea. Along the southwestern edge, a shingle garden, inspired by the dunescape of Dungeness, will contain play facilities.


Within the housing area, a garden will provide shared amenity for residents and play facilities for younger children.

The site will contain a variety of streets of varying sizes and characters, with the Railway Station providing the key north-south connection.


Plant species will be selected for their aesthetic qualities, suitability to the local microclimate, and ability to support wildlife. They will feature a combination of native and wildlife-friendly species, which will extend the season for pollinating insects.


Hard landscaping materials will be selected based on their whole-life carbon footprint, and opportunities to re-use materials from the current site will be investigated.

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