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Commercial strategy

The proposals build on the harbour’s commercial success, which has successfully nurtured local businesses. These have expanded, recruited locally and built great reputations. Today, the harbour is home to 74 businesses employing 300+ people.
Commercial strategy.png

The harbour will continue to complement the town centre and the creative quarter, with a different offering and focus on food & beverage and makers’ spaces.


The Harbour Plan seeks to maintain the informal qualities of the existing harbour but making it less weather and season dependent.


The company is committed to retaining the businesses that have made Folkestone Harbour their home, ensuring that it continues to offer a great place for visitors to spend time. This will be achieved by working closely with the existing traders and having a phased programme of construction to deliver the Harbour Plan.


The proposed new commercial units have been designed as flexible and inexpensive to fit-out, similar to the popular railway arches repurposed across the country.

Over the last few years, the company has worked closely with the independent traders to help them improve their performance and grow to ensure the harbour offers a high-quality and consistent experience for its visitors.


The opening of six new restaurants in time for the summer season is proof positive that the harbour is commercially attractive to food, drink, and hospitality entrepreneurs.


The combination of relocating the Goods Yard, retaining the essence of Beachside and Harbourside, and retail opportunities accessed off the railway station platform will provide a comprehensive portfolio of commercial spaces.

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