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The buildings

The buildings’ design has been refined following engagement with the planners, community groups and the public. The starting point was the consented maximum and minimum heights within the approved masterplan and being sympathetic to the existing harbour areas.

The urban design was inspired by the former railway marshalling yards that converged towards the Harbour Arm. The task was how to create the largest possible amount of public areas, including streets, squares, lanes, and pocket parks.


The design team has focused on protecting the area’s heritage as well as views to and from the harbour to ensure the development is grounded in place in Folkestone.


The views toward the lighthouse, the Bayle, the Foord Road viaduct, and the Martello tower are important, and the Harbour Plan incorporates view corridors cut across the development to frame these elements.

The outline planning permission permits the tallest buildings to be around 40m high – the same as the Grand Burstin Hotel.


The construction materials will be able to handle the unique challenges that a coastal environment delivers. Sustainability and responding to the climate emergency are at the core of the designs.

A visualisation of what the view from the Lighthouse could look like.
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