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The architectural design of the Harbour Plan takes its inspiration from historic harbours with narrow, bustling lanes. It uses hardwearing materials that reflect the heritage of the harbour and seafront.

To soften the outline of the buildings proposed on the harbour, the architects A IS FOR__ have integrated more beachy elements, including curvy balcony edges, rounded corners, and interestingly shaped windows.


These themes repeat themselves in obvious and subtle ways across all buildings, so that they communicate with each other.


The buildings are designed to allow for practical issues such as the direction of the prevailing wind, the need for privacy within the residential apartments, and the need for shading to help with the overall environmental performance and the wellbeing of residents.


The Harbour Plan incorporates different character areas linked to their use. For example, the Crescent on Plot F relates strongly in its architectural design to the other residential buildings along the seafront, with a light colour and a more sinuous and playful façade.


The Harbour character area is defined by pitched roof buildings that connect architecturally with The Stade and North Quay. The Station and Goods Yard are characterised by a strong vertical rhythm and narrow lanes.


In the Lookout area the buildings are more geological in style and language and refer back to the cliffs of the Warren. They also lean away from each other to create a clear viewing corridor towards the lighthouse, as well as from the lighthouse to the Foord Viaduct.

Visualisations of the Crescent area and the Lookout.
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